SQL Relay -> executeQuery error : There was an error, but the connection died trying to retrieve it. Sorry. bdd :: default query :: select LTRIM(RTRIM(t1.ctlname)) as ctlname, LTRIM(RTRIM(t1.actname)) as actname, UPPER(LTRIM(RTRIM(t2.langue))) as langue, t2.value as VALUE, t2.enseigne as enseigne, CASE WHEN t3.ctlname IS NULL THEN 0 ELSE 1 END robot from ctlact t1 inner join alias t2 ON t1.ctlname=t2.ctlname and t1.actname=t2.actname LEFT OUTER JOIN robot t3 ON t2.ctlname=t3.ctlname AND t2.langue=t3.langue order by t2.langue, t2.ctlname, t2.actname parametres :: Array ( )